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Feminism is Snazzy

Because it is

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Feminism isn't about stilettos, and it's not about combat boots. Feminism isn't about make-up, and it's not about crew-cuts.

Feminism is about mutual respect, and it's about self-respect.

Feminism is snazzy, and this community is designed as an exposition of sorts as to why. We want rants, posters, one-liners, links, and anything else that illustrates why feminism is snazzy or that deals with feminism-related issues.

This community is moderated by this_marionette and untergehen.

Rules For:
No homophobia
No racism
No sexism
No transphobia
A belief in feminism OR
An interest in feminism

No homophobia
No racism
No sexism
No transphobia
Proper capitalisation

Any inflammatory or offensive remarks made must have a sound logical basis, or they will be deleted, and the poster banned.
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