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I'm ashamed to have some of the same genetic makeup as him.. - Feminism is Snazzy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I'm ashamed to have some of the same genetic makeup as him.. [Jun. 19th, 2005|10:22 am]
I'm not sure if this is quite the right place to put this inquiry/rant, but I needed some insight from women who will most likely see my point of view. This journal was created to place this entry here, as family members read my other one. I've voiced my distaste for this relative to friends and family only to be met with shrugged shoulders and a "Well he's family, you have to deal with him."

So my uncle's a misogynist...

My uncle has always been quite sexist and lewd when commenting about women and I feel extremely uncomfortable around him for that reason. Some examples of his behavior:

-When watching TV he has to make obscene comments about nearly every woman that comes on screen. Variations of comments such as, "Look at the tits on her/man I can't believe they're not showing her titties" accompanied by grunting noises and moaning. These aren't occasional remarks, it's an entire running commentary. The thing is, he'll only do it if a woman's in the room with him. Especially his wife (now ex-wife). He's extremely insecure with himself, and it's almost as if he's trying to make the women around him feel equally uncomfortable.

-At the high school my brother was attending, my family and I picked him up after school and the uncle rode along in the car with us, piping up with his comments once more, this time about the underage freshman girls. "Ooh she's a pretty thang, look at the boobies on that one." He has three young daughters of his own which only emphasizes how disgusting this is.

-I don't know how this conversation originated but he started bragging to my dad about how his thirteen year old stepdaughter just "got her titties" and the boys at school are starting to notice her.

-If I walk into the room he'll sit and stare, slowly looking me up and down, trying to size me up. Looks are infinitely more important to him than any intellectual ability, especially for women.

-He sent my dad a flash animation that consisted of a series of questions matched with pictures of underage girls (a digital spotlight moving over their bodies) asking "Would you hit it?"

His behavior regarding women is crude enough. But he's also got lovely qualities such as the need to physically abuse his wife (shoving her across the kitchen during an argument) and torturing his pets (putting hot sauce on the wound of his dog's leg).

Those were only a few examples so it's not really painting a true picture of him but you can get some idea.

I'm not overly senstive by any means but it makes me almost physically ill to be around him. He lives clear across the country so thankfully I don't have to have much contact with him, but my dad loves to attempt to force me to spend time with him. "He's family, I know he's a bit of a redneck, but you HAVE to be around him."

Is it wrong to feel this way? Seriously, if I never saw him again for the rest of my life I would be perfectly happy.

[User Picture]From: mommabookat
2005-06-30 05:36 pm (UTC)
You are perfectly entitled to avoid this asshole...also warn your dad that the FBI could get him for child porn if your uncle keeps sending him that kind of email.
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